26th of January: Gujarat Earthquake in India, 20.000 dead

11th of September: World Trade Center attack, 2.996 dead

12th of November: Crash of American Airlines Flight 587, 260 dead


February-March: Gujarat riots, India, 1.044-2000 dead

12th of October: Bali Bombings, Indonesia, 202 dead

23rd of October: Moscow theater hostage crisis, Russia, 170 dead


July: The end of the Second Congo War, 5.4 milion dead


11th of March: Train Bombings, Madrid, Spain, 193 dead, 2000 injured

1st of September: School hostage crisis, Beslan, Russia, 1100 hostages, 334 dead

26th of December: Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami, Indonesia, 227.898 dead


14th of February: Valentine's Day bombings, Philippines, 9 dead

7th of July: London bombings, England 56 dead

26–27 July: Maharashtra floods, India, 1.094 dead

August: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, USA, 1800 dead


11th of July: Mumbai Train bombing, Mumbai, India, 209 dead


14th of August: Four suicide car bomb attacks in the Yazidi towns of
Til Ezer and Siba Sheikh Khidir (al-Jazirah), Iraq, 796 dead, 1.562 wounded


May: Cyclone Nargis, Myanmar, 138.373 dead

26/29 of November: Mumbai terrorist attacks, Mumbai, India, 175 dead

December 2008-2009: Gaza War, Palestine, 1430 dead (in that: 13 Israelis),
5821 wounded (in that 518 Israelis), 50.800 Gaza residents displaced, 4.000 homes destroyed


August: Typhoon Morakot, Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, China, South Korea, North Korea, 789 dead

September: Typhoon Ketsana, Philippines, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Thailand, 921 dead


12th of January: Haiti earthquake, Haiti, 100.000-316.000 dead

29th March: Moscow Metro bombings, Moscow, Russia, 40 killed, 100 wounded

10th of April: President of Poland and many polish VIPs killed
in a coup d'état by the Russian government, Smolensk, Russia, 96 dead

20th April: Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Gulf of Mexico, 2.000.000-5.000.000 million fish


22nd of February: Christchurch earthquake, New Zealand, 185 dead

2010-2012 Arab Spring, anti-regime revolution - Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen,
Djibouti, Sudan, Palestine, Iraq, Bahrain, Libya, Kuwait, Morocco, Mauritania, Lebanon, 61.000+ dead

11th of March: Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, Japan, 20.000 dead

11th of March: Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster, Ōkuma, Japan, 1 confirmed cancer death attributed to radiation exposure by government
following opinions from a panel of radiologists and other experts, medical sources pending for
long-term fatalities due to the radiation exposure. 16 with physical injuries due to hydrogen explosions

22nd of July: Norwegian terrorist attacks over leftist youth summer camp, Utøya, Norway, 77 dead

25th of July: 7 months monsoon season floods, Thailand, 815 dead

15th September: Sindh floods, Sindh Province, Pakistan, 434 civilians were killed,
5.3 million people and 1.524.773 homes were affected

13-16 of December: Tropical Storm Washi, Philippines, Palau, Micronesia, 2.546 dead


October/November: Hurricane Sandy, Greater Antilles, USA, Bahamas, Bermuda, Canada, 233 dead


15th February: Chelyabinsk meteor, Russia, 7.200 damaged buildings, 1.500 injured

15th of April: Boston Marathon bombing, Boston, USA, 3 dead

24th of April: Dhaka garment factory collapse, Savar Upazila, Bangladesh, 1.134 dead, 2.500 wounded

21st of August: Ghouta chemical attack during the Syrian Civil War, Syria, 281-1.729 dead, 3.600 wounded

15th of October: Bohol earthquake, Philippines, 222 dead, 8 missing, 978 wounded

3-11 of November: Typhoon Haiyan, Philippines, Micronesia, South China,
Vietnam, Taiwan, Palau, 6.352 dead, 1.771 missing

2013-2016: Western African Ebola virus epidemic, Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, 28.616 sick, 11.310 dead


8th of March: Disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, Southern Indian Ocean, presumed 239 dead

12th of June: Massacre in the Camp Speicher, Tikrit, Iraq, 1.095-1.700 dead

17th of July: Shoot-down of the Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over the Eastern Ukraine, 283 dead

24th of July: Crash of the Air Algérie Flight 5017 near Gossi, Mali, 116 dead

16th of December: Terrorist attack in the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan, 156 dead, 117 wounded

28th of December: Crash of the Indonesia AirAsia Flight 8501 into the Java Sea, 162 dead


3-7 of January: Baga terrorist massacre, Nigeria, 150-2.000 dead

7-9 of January: Île-de-France attacks, Paris, France, 17 dead, 22 wounded

2nd of April: Garissa University College attack, Garissa, Kenya, 148 dead, 79 wounded

12th of May: Nepal earthquake, Dolakha and Sindhupalchowk District, Nepal, 218 dead, 3.500 wounded

13th of November: Terrorist attack, Paris, France, 130 dead, 416 wounded


22nd of March: Brussels bombings, Brussels, Belgium, 35 dead, 340 wounded

28th of June: Atatürk Airport attack, Istambul, Turkey, 48 dead, 230 wounded

12th of June: Gay nightclub shooting, Orlando, Florida, USA, 49 dead, 53 wounded

14th of July: 19-tonne cargo truck driven into crowds of people celebrating Bastille Day,
Nice, France, 87 dead, 434 wounded


22nd of May: Manchester Arena Ariana Grande bombing, Manchster, England, 23 dead, 1.017 wounded

7th of June: Tehran attacks of the ISIS against the Iranian Parliament
building and Mausoleum of Ruhollah Khomeini, Tehran, Iran, 23 dead, 52 wounded

October 2016-January 2017 and August 2017-present: Genocide of Myanmar military
over Muslim Rohingya people, Myanmar, 25.000+ killed by 2018, 700.000+ refugees fled abroad

7th of September: Earthquake in Chiapas, Mexico, 98 dead, over 300 wounded

16th of September: Hurricane Maria, Dominica, Saint Croix, Puerto Rico, 3.059 dead

19th of September: Earthquake in Puebla, Mexico, 370 dead, 6.011 wounded

1st of October: Las Vegas shooting, Route 91 Harvest, Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, 61 dead, 867 wounded

14th of October: Truck bombings, Mogadishu, Somalia, 587 dead, 316 wounded

5th of November: Mass shooting in the First Baptist Church, Sutherland Springs, Texas, USA, 27 dead, 22 wounded

24th of November: Attack of 40 gunman on the al-Rawda mosque during Friday prayers, al-Rawda, Egypt, 311 dead, 128 wounded


January-March 2018, March-August 2019: Operation Olive Branch, Turkey and Syrian operation
on the Syrian territory against the Kurdish people, 300.000 Kurdish people displaced, 389–500 dead

28th of September: Earthquake in the Minahasa Penisula, Indonesia, 4.340 dead, 10.679 wounded, 667 missing

22nd of December: An eruption, partial collapse of the Anak Krakatoa volcano and a tsunami
in Sunda Strait, Indonesia, 426 dead, 4.059 wounded, 25 missing, 2.752 houses destroyed.


January-October: Slash-and-burn agricultural Amazon rainforest wildfires, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, 906.000 hectares burned

13th of February: Sunni sect Jaish ul-Adl suicide bombing, Khash–Zahedan road, Iran, 28 dead, 13 wounded

15th of March: Alt-right, 4chan fueled, terrorist mass-shooting that was live-streamed on facebook
over mosques during the Friday Prayer, Christchurch, New Zealand, 51 dead, 40 wounded

21st of March: Sunday easter morning bombings in three hotels and three churches, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 269 dead, 500 wounded

15th of April: Notre-Dame de Paris fire

June 2019-May 2020: Unusual bushfires in Australia, 18.636.079 hectares burned

December 2019-present: COVID-19 pandemic, worldwide, 204.738.271 cases, 4.324.625 dead


8th of January: Shoot-down of the Ukraine International Airlines flight 752 by IRGC, 176 dead.

16-21 May: Cyclone Amphan, India, Bangladesh, 128 dead